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Impeccable execution to maximize the value of your transaction

Commercial real estate transactions are deadline-driven and face multiple opportunities to go awry. NI Commercial’s Execution Services seek to minimize the execution risks associated with the investment and leasing process. The process of execution begins with understanding your requirements and ends by meeting your requirements, often a sale or executed lease:

  • Market Research: We avoid assumptions or guesswork and provide objective market intelligence. As a member of several national and regional listing and market data services, as well as the local Seattle real estate community, we provide current information for our clients to evaluate. 
  • Site Analyses: We conduct a thorough site analysis and zoning review of each property to ensure specific attributes meet the parameters established in the market research process. 
  • Reaching Agreement: A solid understanding of your goals, coupled with disciplined financial analysis and comprehensive due diligence, lets us give you accurate guidance on pricing, timing, and other important factors that impact value throughout the purchase, disposition, or leasing process.
  • Financial Analysis and Due Diligence: We perform objective and in depth financial analyses of targeted properties to ensure that the purchase, sale or lease meets your return and risk parameters. This disciplined approach helps avoid emotional decision-making during the bidding/offering period.
  • Negotiation and Referrals: Comprehensive due diligence of a prospective acquisition or disposition of commercial real estate is essential. NI Commercial strives to gain complete knowledge of our clients’ targeted acquisitions and dispositions. For acquisitions, we vet all underlying assumptions to ensure that you are achieving the value supporting the Purchase & Sales agreement.
  • In following through with due diligence recommendations, we may call in members of our trusted business network we work closely with to reduce transaction risk. Our network includes a well-established local real-estate legal firm, tax accountants to assess the benefits of a cost segregation study or 1031 exchange, closing agents and a full range of building professionals. Any of these experts can be called in, based on the requirement at hand.